In the words of Fra' Andrew Bertie, the former 78th Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, the International Summer Camp is "the primary work of the Order's young people," and it continues to be a significant part of the lives of our volunteers and guests even in the present day. 

The 39th Order of Malta International Summer Camp will be held in the Valais region of Switzerland, at the Sport Resort Center in Fiesch, in 2024.

Switzerland and Liechtenstein are thrilled to welcome you as a member!

  • Dates: August 11-18, 2024
  • Camp location: Feriendorf 1, 3984 Fiesch Switzerland

It was in the year 1984 that the very first International Order of Malta Camp was established, and it was situated in the country of Austria. At the event, there were fifty people represented from five different nations who came together to take part.

From that point on, every summer. Over five hundred young people with disabilities and their volunteer assistants from twenty-five different countries throughout Europe and across the world have joined the camp in recent years.

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Our Values


Through the use of mass and times of reflection that are connected to the spiritual subject of the camp, we provide our visitors and the people who are helping us an opportunity to pray and reflect on the spirituality of the camp.


Language and cultural obstacles do not prevent friends from being formed. By taking part in activities, participants will obtain a better understanding of the many cultural backgrounds represented there. A worldwide community of young people with disabilities is formed via these relationships.

Lifetime Opportunity

Removing limitations on what guests with disabilities are capable of doing is the goal. Through our adventures, we challenge the norms that dictate what is expected of disabled youth, whether it's a trip to Zermatt, sporting events, Christophe's Cup, or other camp-based activities.

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Join Federal Association - U.S.A. Team at the Order of Malta International Summer Camp

Are you a Guest or a Volunteer? Nice to meet you!

Applications are available for both Guests with developmental differences and Volunteer Helpers (ages 18- 35). If you are or know of someone who would like to participate as a Guest or Volunteer, please direct them to apply. We look forward to receiving your applications and hope to see you at the 2024 Malta Camp Switzerland-Liechtenstein!

Guests are provided with round-the-clock care by volunteer assistants around the same age, which often results in the formation of friendships that last a lifetime.

The camp will be staffed by international medical specialists, including doctors and nurses, who will attend to the guests' health concerns.

Connecting with volunteers from all around the globe who have similar values and interests and forming bonds with them. Serving others, having fun, and making new friends are all brought together here.

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Want to Support Us?

Donations will be used to cover our guests' expenses for the "International Malta Camp - Federal Association, U.S.A." travel and registration. We are completely reliant on contributions.

You can make a financial contribution through the Order of Malta Federal Association, U.S.A.

More information about us; Order of Malta Federal Association, U.S.A.

Team U.S.A. Leadership

Richard A. Mena

Contact Information

Team U.S.A. Lead - Federal Association

International Malta Camp "Switzerland / Liechtenstein"

WhatsApp Number: +436649696714

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What People Say

"Volunteering at the 2023 Order of Malta International Summer Camp in Belgium was a life-changing experience. The week carefully curated a fun and wholesome entertainment prioritizing, faith and fellowship. My role in Team USA allowed me to connect with every guest, ensuring they felt not just welcomed, but genuinely thrilled about their time at the summer camp. Each activity, from our explorations in Brussels, Waterloo, and Antwerp to the exhilarating roller coaster rides at the Walibi theme park, was memorable. Yet, the highlight for me was undoubtedly our collective performance at the talent show. The shared sense of teamwork and camaraderie during that moment made it a standout highlight. One of the most heartening aspects was getting to know people from all corners of the globe, both guests and fellow helpers." ~ Team USA Volunteer

Camp was amazing! I love working with our guests because though we may have better abilities, they are masters at the art of living." ~ Team USA Volunteer

"The most beautiful part of International Camp is the edification of humanity. Campers and Helpers (as I was) gathered from all over the world. Whether giving a friendly smile, sharing a meal, dancing at the disco, or praying at Mass: we did so together in the community. Many of these whom I served are my contemporaries, which was sobering and humbling to reflect on - a reminder that all life (even with disabilities) is a precious gift." ~ Team USA Volunteer